Amazon Kindle Fire to Spoil Many Parties

amazon kindle fire tablet 150x150 Amazon Kindle Fire to Spoil Many PartiesFinally a real competitor for the iPad has arrived. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, priced as $199, set to give a tough competition for Apple’s marquee product. There was several tablets launched in the couple of years in the fiercely competitive Tablet PC market, however, none of them looked promising to give a tough competition for iPad.

With its price tag of $199, Kindle Fire though won’t make much profit for Amazon initially. However, if they are able to sell large volumes in the coming years, Kindle Fire will turn out to be a good revenue source for Amazon.  Amazon will pose threat not only to Apple but also to other top tablet PC manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola and BlackBerry etc.

Apple doesn’t look formidable as it was in the past, when Steve Jobs was at the helm. It will take some time for Tim Cook to make the house in order and the lukewarm responses to the iPhone 4S shows exactly that.

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