B2C E-Commerce continues to grow in the USA

ecommerce solutions 300x180 B2C E Commerce continues to grow in the USAIn its latest “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012”, Hamburg-based market research firm yStats.com analyzes the latest trends in the US B2C E-Commerce market. Aside from revenue figures and market shares, the report covers the most successful product categories. It also provides information about internet users and online shoppers along with a list of top players.

The yStats.com report features the ten most successful US competitors with the largest B2C E-Commerce revenues. In addition to country of origin, head office, type of company and product range, company news and B2C E-Commerce revenue figures are listed. The “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012” also provides information about digital content such as e-books and music, along with legal aspects of the B2C E-Commerce sector.

Growth spurred by group shopping and digital content
In 2012, online purchases in the USA are expected to grow due to mobile and social commerce as well as group shopping. The use of online coupons will grow further in the coming years and is expected to increase to 100 million users by 2013. The “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012” by yStats.com shows clearly that internet retailers were the most common target for patent claims in 2011 due to their growing revenue. Meanwhile, “Digital Content and Subscriptions” was the fastest growing B2C E-Commerce product category in 2011, followed by “consumer Electronics” and “Jewelry and Watches”.

Amazon is far ahead of the competition
In 2011, the share of internet users in the US population reached approximately 80 %. The percentage of all internet users who shop online is forecasted to reach almost 80 % by 2015. The “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012” by yStats.com takes a closer look at the main competitors in the market. In 2010, Amazon generated more online revenue than the next six competitors combined. In the online fashion and accessory market in 2010 Victoria’s Secret recorded the highest revenue, followed by L. L. Bean Inc., while Apple dominated the online electronics market ahead of Dell and CDW.

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