Core Competencies Requirement for Ecommerce

ecommerce 300x300 Core Competencies Requirement for EcommerceTo succeed in multi-channel environment, retailers must first integrate the core competencies. Some of the standard ones are listed below:


How does a consistent branding tie-up with creative. Strong branding comes from a style manual which every retailer requires in execution. A consistent logo and positioning line for store signage, retail advertising, catalog design and every internet marketing efforts should incorporate the same. Color palette is important across both online and offline channels. Photographs and illustrations should be uniform with typefaces consistent in style and size. Offline should carry consistent paper quality.

Marketers should see that offers and promotions consistently reflect the brand and positioning – the goal not to confuse customers. Stores can offer catalogs with every purchase or checkout places. Online kiosks provide an added advantage for customers who do not want to walk through your store.


Retailers always need to have the flexibility to mark down products based on their selling season – reason being not all companies can have all its items/SKUs available in all its channels as each of its primary business-to-consumer selling channels operates differently that the others. Print catalogs for example cannot accommodate every product that can be made available online due to limitations of the number of pages.

Since the internet is more flexible, marketers can use the advantage and have replica models of the offline catalogues which contain more products when viewed online. Catalog is the key to promote other channels – as it’s a primary driver for shoppers on the web. Smart marketing allows catalogs to carry the website URL on every spread and also persuade buyers to visit the site for additional offerings.

Circulation and contact strategies

The main objective of multi-channel merchants is to integrate every marketing and promotional effort to customers and prospects. Whether medium used is catalog, mailers, emails, store-traffic generators, telephone calls – every retailer should ensure that their organization has a system in place to plan and co-ordinate customer communication. One of the best marketing strategies is to have a centralized team to plan promotions efforts across every channel.

Database marketing efforts

Transaction history from all marketing channels should include point of sale at retail and contact center – that’s the ideal multi-channel database. This is regardless of the varied communication methods used by your customer which may be phone, fax, and email.

Database is one of the effective tools for customer transactions and key to build long-term satisfaction. Cross-referencing offers, opportunities and special promotions from other selling channels lets customer know that the retailer has other channels to shop as well. Database also plays a pivotal role in post-campaign analysis – one of the final areas of core-competency integration.

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