Disadvantages of Using Rich Internet Applications in Ecommerce

rich internet 300x196 Disadvantages of Using Rich Internet Applications in Ecommerce We know how Rich Internet Applications (RIA) can influence an ecommerce website.  Apart from those advantages, RIAs have some disadvantages also. In this post we will see some of the common disadvantages of RIAs.

RIAs are fast in display

RIAs are sometimes too fast while displaying content, with the result that the customer might not notice what you want them to see. Because of technological advances, the quickness of the action would sometime mask the fact that an action has already occurred. For e.g. when a customer adds an item to their cart, the page sometimes may not reload. But the cart icon on the top right hand corner would indicate that the number of items added to the cart has increased. Now a savvy shopper might notice the change in the cart, but a novice user might wonder what has happened. Marketers should take care to display information which notifies a customer that a change has happened to their cart.

New functionalities require new information

New functionalities using RIAs would have multiple advantages. But how many users would figure out how to use them and for what? If users are not familiar with these features, then they would not easily be inclined to click and investigate. It is because of this that marketers should not allow their retail sites to lose certain conventions and standards set for global navigation. For example, if an icon looks like a slider, then users would expect it to behave like a typical slider. Similarly, RIA widgets like buttons, checkboxes, sliders which initiate action should be conventional in interaction.

Balancing HTML and RIA

A balance between HTML and RIA has to be maintained. An ecommerce site need not have plain text in RIA, as it’s more sensible to have that in HTML – load factor and editing process is simpler. This simplicity in execution would go a long way in maintaining usability and performance without that extra pinch on resources.

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