US eCommerce to Reach $370 billion by 2017

forrester retail sales fore 300x168 US eCommerce to Reach $370 billion by 2017US ecommerce sales, which is at $231 billion at the end of 2012, is expected to reached grow 13% this year to reach $262 billion, according to Forrester Research, the premier market research firm. They predict that ecommerce will continue its surge and will post $370 billion in sales in 2017. Currently ecommerce contributes 8% to the total retail sales in US and this go up to 10% by 2017.

Forrester cites two factors for the growth of US ecommerce – Proliferation of tablets and mobiles, where customers spend more time online. They use it for product reviews, recommendations, best prices etc.

Another reason is the investment in the online divisions by the traditional retailers. They are using it predominantly for helping the customer order products that are out-of-stock, which is termed as ‘Save a Sale’.

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