Holiday Round-up: The best of 2016 Holiday Stats

Holiday Stats 1024x681 Holiday Round up: The best of 2016 Holiday Stats

The 2016 Holiday Shopping season ended with much buzz a couple of weeks ago and now retailers and analysts are slowly coming out with exact figures pertaining to sales and related activities that happened over the nearly 2 month long extravaganza. Overall the situation looks very pleasing for retailers as consumers gave them exactly what they desired – lavish spending. The National Retail Federation released overall sales figures for November to December period and it stood at $658.3 billion which is 4 per cent higher than what it was in 2015.

Either because of the freezing weather or the holiday traffic jams, malls and physical retail stores did not quite see the excitement witnessed by online retailers. The 2016 holiday season saw $91 billion in online sales between November 1st and December 31st up from $82.5 billion the same period in 2015. 57 out of the 61 days of the season witnessed over $1 billion of single day sales. Cyber Monday became the highest grossing sales day ever for online retail in US history when it clocked $3.45 billion in single day online sales. 86 per cent of the revenue generated during the Holiday season came between the 1st of November and 20th of December.

On a year on year basis, 2016 witnessed a 12 percent rise in the number of online transactions conducted during the holiday season when compared to 2015. 21.3 % of all holiday spending was transacted online and is a huge increase when compared to 2015’s figure of 15.4 %.

Over 50% of web visits to online retailers came from smart devices like smartphones and Tablet PC’s. Together they generated $28.43 Billion dollars in revenue which is 23% more when compared to 2015. Tablet PC’s were able to drive in $9.2 billion in sales and 9 percent of overall online store visits while smartphones drove in $19.3 billion worth sales and 41 percent of store visits. Desktop PC’s accounted for $63.1 billion which was also 12% higher when compared to 2015 figures. However the share of overall sales is tipped in favour of Desktops as they garnered a 69 percent share of the overall sales.

Amazon was the undisputed leader in the ecommerce holiday sales records this time as well. Over the period, Amazon had 38 percent of the entire ecommerce market under its belt and no other retailer even came close to matching them.

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