India to be in the Top – 10 Ecommerce Hubs – eBay

ebay logo India to be in the Top – 10 Ecommerce Hubs – eBayeBay predicts India to be in the top 10 ecommerce hubs by 2015. India is the 4th largest internets users in the world now and this large customer base can take India to greater heights, according to Deepa Thomas eBay India head (Partnerships & Pop Culture).

She raised concerns about the broadband connectivity in the non-metros and 3G also couldn’t make any impact. Compared to India, the broadband penetration in Philippines and Malaysia are good and will help to evolve ecommerce.

eBay has always indulged in acquisition whenever business demanded, however Ms. Thomas confirms that they are not looking at any acquisition now.  Also she asserts that eBay encourages bloggers to share details and don’t consider them as a threat.

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