Online Sales on the Surge – 10.3% up in Q4

ecommerce solutions 300x180 Online Sales on the Surge – 10.3% up in Q4Online sales have hit a new high in Q4, as per IBM’s final Digital Analytics benchmark report for the year. Department stores were the greatest beneficiaries of this surge as they post 62% increase in online sales in the fourth quarter of 2013. Home good retailers recorded 46.4% increase, 14.7% for health and beauty and 10.2% for apparel.

IBM tracked over 800+ ecommerce websites in US to create this report. They have provide sales breakup of the above mentioned categories only.

Though the report didn’t provide month by month breakup of the sales, it did provide the year-on-year change of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is an increase of 19.7 %, 19.0% and 20.6% respectively.

Mobile was accounted for the 35% of the overall traffic to the retail websites (+40% from last year) and 16% of online sales (+46% from last year). In that, smartphones drove more traffic than tablets (21.3% vs 12.8%) but tablets converted those traffic into sales more (5% vs 11.5%). The average order value of tablets were $118.09 vs $104.72 with that of smartphones.

iOS OS based devices converted more than Android OS based devices as far as OS breakup of sales is concerned. iOS shoppers were accounted for 22.1% of the overall web traffic and 12.7% overall online sales and their average value per order was $115.42 whereas Android shoppers accounted for 10.6% of total web traffic and a mere 2.6% of overall online sales and an average order value of just $83.56.

When it comes to social network referrals, Facebook and Pinterest were the frontrunners. Even though Pinterest referred shoppers purchased more than their Facebook counterparts (109.93 VS $60.48), Facebook converted more than 3.5 times as frequently as Pinterest, according to the report.

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