Overcoming the Challenges in Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment 300x300 Overcoming the Challenges in Fulfillment In an ecommerce site, there are usually two pieces that need to work in tandem in order to have a successful ecommerce site.  One part of the site is customer facing and is responsible for collecting the order.  The second part of the site processes this order and forwards the order to a warehouse.  The latter part is sometimes called order management system.  In the realm of an ecommerce site, the OMS (order management system) is sometimes referred to as the fulfillment system. Here are some tips to overcome the challenges in the fulfillment system:

  • Better communication with all the partners
  • Improve accuracy of demand forecasting,
  • Improve Payment Processes.
  • Effective Loss Prevention
  • Manage Carrier costs.
  • Maybe outsource fulfillment and learn the processes.

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