How to Personalize an Ecommerce Website

welcome mat 300x163 How to Personalize an Ecommerce WebsiteBuilding user profiles, analyzing click-stream data and matching content to user’s interests can be done in numerous ways. Every site would capture different information about their users. Similar sites catering to the same user pool can still have different user attributes. Every site can choose a different tool for analyzing click stream data. Sites may choose not to analyze click-stream data. Rule-based and filtered content deliveries are two approaches to delivering content. Sites can come up with their own custom approach to delivering content. Broadly speaking, the following are some tips for personalization:

  • A simple greeting when the user logs in gives the user some confidence that the site is working towards serving him better.
  • Carefully analysis is required for placement of targeted content. Measuring user responses to various strategically placed contents can be measured and used in determining placement of future content.
  • Often the look and feel of the targeted content drives users away from the content. Flashy and risqué promotions have a negative effect on users. Of course, the class of audience your site caters to determines it.
  • Prompting users to provide information frequently should be avoided whenever possible. For example, when the user checks out of the shopping cart and provides all required credit card, billing and shipping information and completes the transaction and starts afresh, if the user is prompted with the same information during the second check out might lead to some users abandoning their carts.
  • Sites usually partner with other sites. Prompting users to login each time they navigate from one partner site to another should be avoided.
  • Overwhelming users with promotions can often be seen as badgering by users. The thin line between enhancing the shopping experience and being a pushy sales rep should never be crossed.

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