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pinterest Pinterest – Ecommerce Take Notice The past 15 years have provided an evolution of technology that has allowed us to share more and more digitally. First we had email, then came blogs, reviews, Myspace, Facebook and finally Twitter…but wait do we have another contender? Yes we do, welcome Pinterest.

Not much has been said of Pinterest in the eCommerce sphere, everyone seems to still be trying to figure out how to leverage Facebook. However, I think Pinterest could be incredibly disruptive for eCommerce.

The genious of Pinterest is that it’s simple – all the stuff I like, well categorized on one page. With Pinterest other digital models for sharing interests/recommendations are clunky and largely ineffective.

  • Twitter and Facebook interests get lost in time (down the page)
  • Blogs have to many clicks and to much content
  • Reviews are for the most part anonymous and spread out all over the place
  • Email & text – well that’s just rude

Pinterest is elegantly simple and provides a base for sharing my interests via all other social channels.  I can post something I like, share it via Twitter and Facebook, but it won’t disappear with the old status updates and twitter posts.  Instead other Pinterest users could vote it up and my friends can come back to my page in the future to see what my interests are.

This “permanent” and simplistic model allows for friends to become influences (ie I visit my friend Jack’s page because I know he’s an expert in Ski gear and I want to know what new gear he’s raving about).  It also allows friends to better understand what relevant gifts to buy (ie.  I see my sister Sue has picked up a new hobby, knitting, and now I know what to get her for Christmas).  And last but not least the Pinterest platform allows for a voting up of content, which is a great way for new exciting products to come to the for front of the market place.

Pinterest has the potential to be the worlds largest affiliate marketer and reviews engine, all driven by what people really honestly like, shared in a very simple way….and that would be real, significant, disruptive social commerce.

Courtesy – InteractOne

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