Chinese e-commerce site taking iPhone 5 Preorders!


iphone5 370x229 300x185 Chinese e commerce site taking iPhone 5 Preorders!Sellers on Taobao, China’s largest e-commerce site, are accepting pre-order payment for Apple’s iPhone 5, even though the product is yet to be released – or even formally announced.

Taobao, a part of the Alibaba Group, is allowing its sellers to accept 1,000 yuan (£102) preorder amounts for the hardware, with a seller Computing discovered even offering an upfront purchase amount of 6688 yuan (£679) for a pre-ordered iPhone 5, complete with projected specs.

Some sellers are even providing percentage-based probabilities of certain features appearing as part of the iPhone 5, including a biometric sensor that apparently has a 17 per cent chance of being present when the final product ships. Read more

E-Commerce Accelerating Due to Personalization, Pinterest and iPad


ecommerce2 300x145 E Commerce Accelerating Due to Personalization, Pinterest and iPad A sputtering economy isn’t slowing the growth of e-commerce. In fact, new data from comScore shows $44 billion in business now moving through U.S. e-commerce channels, up 17 percent from a year ago. More, the last three quarters show accelerating year-over-year growth.

Of course, e-commerce is a beneficiary of economic belt tightening, but there are much bigger factors at play. Economic pressures are combining with technology-driven disruptions to create a perfect storm of online opportunity. These disruptions are nothing new; what is new is the pace at which they are happening. Big, established retail players are having trouble adapting to this accelerating pace of change, while nimble start-ups feed and thrive on it.

I see three megatrends driving e-commerce change that I call the Three P’s: Personalization, Pinterest and iPad (well, iPad almost starts with a P). Together they ensure that U.S. e-commerce will continue to experience double-digit growth and pass the $100 billion mark in less than five years. Read more

Apple Revamps Ecommerce Website Ahead of Holiday Sales


apple logo small Apple Revamps Ecommerce Website Ahead of Holiday SalesApple is going to revamp its ecommerce portal ahead of the festival season to make it easier for its users to purchase from their web or iPhone or iPad.
As well as improving its retail website, it will also be making alterations to its high street outlets, to help people invest in smartphones, tablets, computers and media players bearing the Apple logo. Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire to Spoil Many Parties


amazon kindle fire tablet 150x150 Amazon Kindle Fire to Spoil Many PartiesFinally a real competitor for the iPad has arrived. Amazon’s Kindle Fire, priced as $199, set to give a tough competition for Apple’s marquee product. There was several tablets launched in the couple of years in the fiercely competitive Tablet PC market, however, none of them looked promising to give a tough competition for iPad. Read more

Mobile Devices Generates 10% of the Ecommerce Traffic


online payment 150x150 Mobile Devices Generates 10% of the Ecommerce TrafficAccording to Internet Retailer, mobile devices are accountable for 10% of the ecommerce traffic.  Screen Pages, a magento based ecommerce agency analyzed more than 1.5 million websites that they developed and found that 10% of the overall traffic comes from mobiles or tablets. Read more