Brazil Sees Strong Growth in Ecommerce


ekom brasil Brazil Sees Strong Growth in EcommerceDo you want your business to grow despite the global recession? Are you looking for a market that is growing at a scorching pace of 26% (calculated on a year on year basis)? If yes, then you should probably think of becoming an e-commerce retailer in Brazil. The country which is seen as part of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) grouping that are poised to power the global economy in this decade boasts of a thriving e-commerce market. The market for e-commerce in Brazil is now estimated to be around $12.7 Billion for the year 2012 also saw consolidated revenues of over $11 Billion for 2011. This is apart from the revenues of the group buying websites like Groupon.  Isn’t this exciting and potent with possibilities for growth in an otherwise sluggish global economy?

The e-commerce market in Brazil is mainly powered by the electronic appliances (15%), fashion and accessories segment (7%) as well as a market for mobiles and computers (12%) along with the bread and butter websites like Groupon. Considering the fact that internet penetration that covers around 78 Million people which is a shade less than half of the total population of the country, it is indeed noteworthy that the e-commerce market is growing so rapidly. With moves afoot to increase the online users by greater internet penetration, things would only get better. The remarkable aspect of the growth in the e-commerce segment is that around 41% of the total online population bought products over the internet which means that there is lot of scope to grow the e-commerce market even more. Read more

Brazil e-commerce grosses more than $11 billion


ekom brasil Brazil e commerce grosses more than $11 billionOnline commerce in Brazil grossed more than $11 billion last year, up 26 percent over the previous year, the market research firm e-bit said Wednesday.

According to the “Webshoppers report, conducted by e-bit with the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, Brazil added nine new million electronic consumers, bringing to 32 million the number of people who did at least one online purchase last year.

The study also noted that Brazilian consumers continue to buy a growing number of higher value added products such as electronics, with increases in sales of fashion and accessories as well.

Main sectors which attracted Brazilian e-commerce in 2011 were those of electronic appliances (15 percent of total sales), computers (12 percent), electronics (eight percent) and fashion and accessories (seven percent). Read more