What are People Buying Online?


ecommerce infographics 630x350 What are People Buying Online?

Does Social Login and Sharing Affect Ecommerce?


4e193d9b2e1a5cb8388f5e4ad1aaeede Does Social Login and Sharing Affect Ecommerce?

How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales


pinterest shopify infographic How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales

State of Mobile 2013


infographic State of Mobile 2013

How Successful Retailers Gears up for the Holiday Season


holiday shopping 300x300 How Successful Retailers Gears up for the Holiday SeasonClearly retailers need to understand what are the best and most effective methods to consider driving their loyal customers to their site during the holiday season.

SEM and email marketing are some of the ways retailers are trying to hook into visitor intent and cultivate profitable and lasting relationships. This is away from the traditional price-based promotions as a method to cultivate customer loyalty. Holiday season campaigns are measured with metrics that segment and identify customers across demographics to ensure successful sales. Some of strategies one can look at how to implement an effective holiday season are:

Countdown for shoppers

Time-tailored promotions and specials help shoppers count down to the holiday season. Campaigns like ’12 days for Christmas’ helps shoppers start planning and finding the right gift before the season and these early purchases helps retailers plan more repeat buyers’ incentives.

Give shoppers a sense of urgency with taglines like ‘offer of the day. Gone tomorrow’. These prompts the shoppers to make their purchase decision today knowing that tomorrow it might not be the same offer.

Special offers

Most of the consumers definitely would come to your site during the holiday season. but equally inviting would be to throw in some offers like free shipping with a certain amount of purchase, free gifts, or even special repeat buyer discount to fuel repeat purchases from existing customers. These special offers dig your customer loyalty relationships and ensure a consistent flow of new and old customers.

Free shipping is vital as holiday shoppers are bound to purchase more when they know all they buy can be shipped without a cost. Most retailers offer this but marketers should also have legal implications to cover up demographic shipping issues and costs.

Site features

Personalized promotions, suggested items, gift idea center, live chat are some site features retailers use during holiday season promotions. these are used primarily to generate revenue from loyal customers. Most of these features should be personalized with the click stream behavior of the customers to get maximum sales.

Highlight seasonal content, products and categories and put the holiday season front and center so that shoppers can find, choose and buy gifts easily. Taglines like ‘shop for our exclusive gifts’ gets the message across clearly – recipients are unlikely to get these gifts anywhere.

McKinsey Infographic: European E-commerce Big Bang


21f35eb McKinsey Infographic: European E commerce Big Bang

order management 300x254 ‘Same Day Delivery’ not a major Factor for Ecommerce Customers – Boston Consulting Group StudyAccording to a survey done by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), less than 10% of the customers will be enticed by the promise of same day delivery, when the purchase anything online.

BCG did this survey among a small sample size of 1500 US customers. All though the sample size is very small, 3/4th of the customers prefer free shipping when they purchase online.

And, unsurprisingly, lower prices would also be an attractive proposition for half of those surveyed.

If they have to pay for same-day delivery for an item bought online, the analysis found that consumers were willing to meet an average charge of $7.50 on a $50 purchase, a figure that is lower than the current fees being charged. Read more

Ecommerce Growth in various Countries (InfoGraphic)


Ecommerce is growing at phenomenal rate across the world and in 2012, the worldwide ecommerce sales topped 1 trillion. Ecommerce trends across the world are depicted in the infographic below.
ecommerce growth rate which country wears the cap of success 512f23d5b75ec w587 Ecommerce Growth in various Countries (InfoGraphic)

Infographic – The Value of Retail-Integrated eCommerce


2012 retailer study if Infographic   The Value of Retail Integrated eCommerce

Source – Cool Infographics

groupon 300x204 Groupon Has Plans to Become the Operating System of Local eCommerceThe quarterly report for Groupon was quite eye opening. In many ways, there was much in the report that should have been a given, however considering the negative surprises in between, most had little to no respect for the revenue numbers that came from management beforehand. Now Groupon plans to take this ecommerce game to the next level and insert itself as the operating system of local commerce, at least according to the firm’s CEO, Andrew Mason.

The daily dealing gorilla is making some serious attempts to reassure investors of its long-term viability. According to Paymenteye.com in a letter to investors, “Mason claims that the internet is yet to revolutionize local commerce as it has done for markets such as media and entertainment, and he remains bullish about Groupon’s prospects in the coming months despite conceding that its first six since its $700 million IPO were “rocky to say the least”. Mason says that Groupon is developing a platform for local commerce as it attempts to tap into what he describes as a “multi-trillion dollar ecosystem”, hinting that the company is set to move beyond simply offering daily deals to consumers.” Read more