Facebook Facts You Need to Know in 2014


facebookmktg Facebook Facts You Need to Know in 2014

The Battle of Facebook and Google Plus


BattleofFBGP The Battle of Facebook and Google Plus

The Psychology of Social Commerce [Infographic]


psychology of social commerce The Psychology of Social Commerce [Infographic]

Top Industries With the Strongest Communities on Facebook


ae1654aa3464dc2759a735f2e6f9ca33 Top Industries With the Strongest Communities on Facebook

These Social Media tools will boost your Ecommerce Business


cart These Social Media tools will boost your Ecommerce Business

The advent of social media has helped Ecommerce businesses to communicate and connect with their customers. It has also helped them to streamline their marketing efforts. While everyone acknowledges these benefits, online retailers have struggled to tangibly determine whether anyone has noticed their marketing efforts. The following tools help retailers track their social media efforts effectively.

TweetReach is an excellent twitter analytics tool that helps to measure the effectiveness of social media conversations. This is intended for Twitter, and helps retailers identify the number of users who received their tweets, users who influence conversations about their products and brands etc.

Argyle Social is a social marketing dashboard that helps to view publishing data, social analytics and engagement. With this tool, retailers can publish posts to different social media, schedule and follow up posts, create custom URL’s and most importantly manage all their social media properties.

TwentyFeet helps to aggregate all the social media statistics from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Analytics etc. in to a single location.

Sysomos is a Business intelligence app that helps retailers listen to the conversations happening in different social media platforms. Retailers can use the metrics to track and measure campaigns real-time and will help them identify the influencers and conversations that build up social relationships.

Facebook Launched Social Gifts, Amazon and Cafepress Follow Suit


Facebook gifts 150x150 Facebook Launched Social Gifts, Amazon and Cafepress Follow SuitA couple of months ago, Facebook internalized social commerce by providing users with the ability to send real gifts (not digital as in the old days) to friends.

Here’s how it works:

Click on the “gifts” icon in a friend’s birthday announcement or visit their timeline and look for it there, and you can send a gift to your friend. He or she will be notified immediately and can choose an address where the gift should be shipped.

Okay, so you knew that. But did you know that Amazon and Cafepress have followed suit? The funny thing is that both rely on Facebook (at least in part) to supply a list of friends.

According to Internet Retailer, Amazon’s new feature, called Friends & Family Gifting, allows users to organize their gift lists, find gift ideas and receive reminders of their friends’ birthdays and special occasions, as well as share gift lists via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or e-mail.

Late last month, online retailer Cafepress launched its own gifting program, Likeable Gifts, that uses the same protocol. Read more

Facebook takes further steps in becoming an ecommerce platform


Facebook gifts 300x272 Facebook takes further steps in becoming an ecommerce platformFacebook recently announced a limited gift service in September which allows users to send real gifts to friends and family directly from the site.

Users can choose a gift as well as a card to send to friends on Facebook. The gift will post on the friend’s timeline or can be sent privately. Members that are sent gifts can unwrap them virtually before receiving the real gift at their address.

Gifts can be sent from birthday reminders or from a friend’s timeline.

Facebook also gives the option of paying right away or later as well as letting gift receivers exchange for something else.

FB%20gifts Facebook takes further steps in becoming an ecommerce platform

The social network has since added hundreds of gifts and new retail partners including babyGap, Fab, Brookstone, Dean & Deluca, L’Occitane, Lindt, ProFlowers, Random House, Inc. and NARS Cosmetics.

Users also have the option to gift TV shows and music with subscriptions to Hulu Plus, Rdio and Pandora.

The gift service will continue to roll out to Facebook members globally over the next few weeks.

While Facebook has made several attempts in convincing brands to accept the “F-Commerce,” idea, the newest gift service could actually prove successful for the company.

“The prospect of a full scale rollout of Facebook Gifts could be a real shot in the arm for Facebook and its drive to convince brands to commit to the concept of F-commerce,” said Richard Britton, managing director at Cloudsense.

“Even before its IPO Facebook was working to make the site more palatable for retailers and brands as a potential sales channel. Retailers are keen to use Facebook to tap into its massive market of one billion users to drive sales and develop another revenue stream, they just need convincing. It remains a catch 22 situation: brands need to get involved for the system to take off yet many won’t commit to the platform until they see success stories from other brands. If Facebook can demonstrate that ‘Gifts’ does indeed appeal to consumers, then Facebook, its shareholders, consumers and brands will ultimately win.”

If the social network’s gift platform can win over brands then it could prove to be a lucrative way of bringing in money for the firm while proving to investors it can make money in other ways than only advertising.

“Brands will need to adapt to the innovation by removing silos between business systems to deliver a more granular view of the customer that can be the basis for a long term relationship. Brands are still to be 100 per cent convinced about the overall success of F-commerce, but the introduction of new and usable tools like Facebook Gifts could go a long way to towards tipping the balance.”

This post originally appeared on ‘Computer Business Review

From Ecommerce to Social Commerce


image2 300x207 From Ecommerce to Social Commerce

In the future, the number of contracts between buyers and sellers concluded on Facebook will increase. In the near future, sales through Facebook are even predicted to surpass those through Amazon.

This is according to Nerushka Deosaran, associate at Norton Rose SA, an international law firm.

Speaking at ITWeb’s Social Media Summit, Deosaran said social media is changing the commercial landscape. She also predicted that social commerce will be the next trend to follow e-commerce.

According to Deosaran, social commerce is the conducting of business over social media networks. This includes using social networks to trade, for advertising and marketing, to offer promotions and competitions, as well as accumulating likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter, respectively. Read more

Measuring the ROI of Twitter and Facebook in Ecommerce Business


twitter feedback roi Measuring the ROI of Twitter and Facebook in Ecommerce BusinessSo you’ve gotten lots of “likes” and “tweets” for your online store, but business has not really improved that much. Now what? If this were, say, a Soprano family enterprise, you could cozy up to your enemy’s enemy, knowing they could probably be turned into a friend. Instead, it’s just another fraught day at the online store.

Improving business is tied to knowing, not just your friends (and enemies), but their friends…and those friends’ friends. The key for online merchants is to understand both the social networks and online social activities of your site visitors and customers, says the executive of Chicago start-up The Echo System, which focuses on growing “return on social” (ROS), short for “return on social media.”

Sharing on Social Media
ROS riffs off of the phrase “return on investment,” (ROI) that perennial worry of all business owners. And, just like ROI, you need to know ROS to figure out how to improve the bottom line.

Social (at least in the online context) means a lot more these days than just “liking” and “friending” people, all the while tweeting about a one-day-only sale. For instance, it can mean examining the friends of those folks who “like” your store (they all have some), and what those friends of friends like, and whether your tweets are being re-tweeted, and by whom, says Lance Neuhauser, CEO of The Echo System. Read more

With e-commerce, Wal-Mart helps draw summer toward a close


pencil1 jpg 280x280 crop q95 150x150 With e commerce, Wal Mart helps draw summer toward a closeWal-Mart Stores Inc. today is playing hero to parents and villain to children naïve enough to think summer never ends. A new feature created by the retail chain’s@WalMartLabs research arm enables teachers to digitally submit their classroom supply lists, and online shoppers to buy those items via a new site, classrooms.walmart.com. The effort, set to include a mobile element in coming weeks, launched today as part of the retailer’s larger back-to-school shoppingpush.

Shoppers visiting that site can find their school via a search box displayed near the top; consumers can search by school name and state. If a school or teacher has submitted a supply list—essentially, the e-commerce version of a service long offered by many Wal-Mart and other bricks-and-mortar stores that asked teachers to drop off their lists—the search calls forth those lists. (A button on the site’s front page encourages teachers to digitally submit their lists.) Read more

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