How to Use RIA For Ecommerce Marketing


rich internet 300x196 How to Use RIA For Ecommerce MarketingFlash, AJAX brings new applications to the web and simplifies processes like shopping so that users spend more time browsing and, thus, selecting more products. RIA brings more opportunities to a retail marketer if used within the requirement that best fits into this new technology. Some of the challenges and opportunities are:

Brand Experiences

Retailers can put a 3D virtual space where the consumer can seamlessly navigate and explore like an offline showroom. Customers get rich brand experiences also from audio and video – a combination of media which enrich the user interactivity. Marketers can take advantage and ensure maximum exposure of brand.

Responsive Purchase Process

With the advent of RIA, customers have the flexibility of purchasing with no limitations. At any time, they have the option to seamlessly go back and forth through their purchase process, remove, update, and add, save – all within the same window sometimes. These fluid experiences bring the brand to life and marketers require helping the customer at every step of the buying process to maintain the same.

New Navigation Tools

Customers today are presented with complete new navigation tools in the RIA technology – tools which simplify the usage and are highly visually interactive and compelling. Customizable pages, movable interactive icons, cross-disciplinary searches are some aspects. Marketers can use these advantages to position their retail brand cleverly and encourage users to stay on their site longer and shop more.
Real-time Interaction
With RIA, Web 2.0 and Social Networking, customers are participating more in real-time interaction with known and unknown shoppers before deciding. Marketer’s careful strategies would provide useful information about your retail products and ensure more discussions in real-time interactive worlds.

Usage of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in eCommerce


rich internet 300x196 Usage of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in eCommerceRIA’s are taking a stronghold in the world of Web 2.0. Through technologies like Ajax and Flash, RIAs overcome traditional page-based Web browser constraints to deliver more interactive and responsive Web functionality. RIAs beget rich user experiences when they help users:

Sort large data sets

Enables users to dynamically sort through thousands of information using interactive tools, whereby they can narrow the list by criteria that are most important to them – a task that would take countless attempts if done via traditional forms, which don’t provide insight into how the input parameters affect the results.

Control multi-step process

One of the biggest limitations of page-based HTML functionality is that multi-step processes require linear task flows. But, by replacing traditional HTML forms with a Flash application, users get all of the information and functionality that is required in one screen. Users can select multiple options in any order – all happening without a single-page reload.

Manipulate images

Rather than forcing users to download a separate image for each different view, an in-page Flash application gives visitors a 360-degree view of products that they can easily pivot with left and right arrow controls. When they click on a color swatch underneath the product, the image immediately updates with the chosen color without loading an entirely new page. If users want a closer look at the details, they just need to mouse over the image to see a magnified version that temporarily replaces the product description.

Get information that’s hidden or out of view

Traditional online mapping sites require full page refreshes to re-center a map. But with RIAs retailers can present their location maps of their outlets, stores inside layout, whereby users can pore over large expanses of land by dragging the image across the screen as one would slide a map across a table. Clicking on any link within the layout displays the additional information about the section of the store – like square footage, how many products displayed, brand names – in the context of the retailer’s store.

Use familiar controls and features

Many retail sites today offer customers the flexibility of sorting their carts, managing items and previewing them dynamically. RIAs provide features like dynamic sorting of user requested data, drag-and-drop and pane resizing.

Does Your Site Require RIA?


rich internet 300x196 Does Your Site Require RIA?What you need from RIA and what you can get from RIA are two different requirements. As a retailer you need to be clear whether your online activities require the intervention of RIA today or in the near future. Rich brand experience is attained through the use of RIA applications. To consider whether your retail site requires the implementation of RIA technologies, you need to consider whether the deployment of such a technology would lead to greater flexibility for upgrades in future and lower overall costs of ownership. It is true that RIAs take users beyond the capabilities of familiar page-after-page navigation and presents users with everything on the same page. Read more