5 tips to drive more sales on mobile screens this holiday season


McFadyen SalesViaMobilescreen 1024x1024 5 tips to drive more sales on mobile screens this holiday season

Black Friday 2016 witnessed more than $1 Billion of single day sales happening from mobile devices alone. So now marketers know that mobile is no longer a second priority channel for their campaigns and tweaking the campaigns with a mobile first approach can seriously land them with better ROI. So the question now is how do you plan your marketing strategy to capitalize on traffic generated from mobile phones? Or in simple terms, how do you convince mobile shoppers to spend more on your site during the holidays? We have handpicked some strategies that will help you connect well with your mobile shoppers and here they are:

Email Marketing

Emails are still rated as one of the best ways to draw in an audience or potential buyers for an ecommerce website be it both app or mobile based shoppers or PC based shoppers. If you have purchased online from multiple sites, then check your inbox and you will see campaign mails from at least one site every day. The emails are primarily intended to convey a sales message for you to check out some latest offers or a promo sale or some shopping promos that may be of interest to you. You only need to ensure that your campaign emails are mobile friendly as a good majority of them are now opened from mobile phones. Keep an eye out on opening rates, sales leads generated and other marketing trackers to evaluate your strategy and bring improvements or major changes if necessary.

Be gentle with your push notifications

Push notifications are the best way to lure in buyers form their smartphones to your shopping site or app but very often marketers make the mistake of aggressively sending out push notifications to users all the time. As it is said, too many cooks spoil the broth, shoppers would get annoyed if you constantly send notifications on their mobile phones. This could turn worse if you send out notifications about events or promotions from which the customer might have already made a good purchase. The same happens when they constantly receive notifications about sale of items they never want to buy. To avoid situations like these, customize your push notifications as much as possible and send them out on calculated frequencies. Find out from the customer about the notifications he or she would love to hear about and target them with only those. The more subtle and personalized you become with your push notifications, greater will be the conversion into actual sales.

Be creative with your campaigns

Marketing is ultimately dependent on creativity to freshen up consumer minds. With technology embedded marketing tools, modern market analysts are able to receive a huge chunk of info about buyers both existing and potential. To further monetize this knowledge, you need to come up with creative ways of expressing your brand’s products or services. The occasional refresh in your creativity should extent to both the content you push out to your customers as well as in the selection of channels for pushing out the content.

Feedback analysis and refinement

As with any marketing mechanisms, you need to collect feedback about your mobile marketing campaigns. This could be automated data collection using state of the art marketing software or through app ratings surveys or feedback emails and many more mediums. You also need to track metrics such as conversion rates, open sessions, share frequencies and much more.

Deep Linking

When you are redirecting user’s courtesy an email campaign or a landing page, then try linking them to a specific landing page on your mobile website or mobile app. This way you can better organize content on mobile specific screens and entice users when they visit the page.

Mobile commerce is here to stay and as stated in one of our previous blogs, it is going to reshape digital commerce in more ways than what retailers can imagine. So with smart marketing, ecommerce companies can capitalize on this tremendous opportunity and monetize customer visits as much as possible.

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