What Can Retail-integrated Ecommerce do to Your Brand


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Fraud Prevention Framework for Ecommerce Website


fraudPrevention 150x150 Fraud Prevention Framework for Ecommerce Website
  • Validation: This stage includes validation techniques used before the order is placed. At this point, we validate the consumer has entered a valid credit card, valid expiration date, valid zip code and email address. The technique used to validate a credit card number is called mod 10 (for modulus 10). Mod 10 is a simple algorithm available as an out-of-the-box feature in most e-commerce applications.
  • Fraud subsystem: This is where all the techniques mentioned in the previous section are used. The outcome of this stage is either a valid order which is sent to the Order Management system or a potential fraudulent order (suspected fraud order) that is sent for manual review
  • Manual Review: In this stage, suspected fraudulent orders are routed to staff members specially trained to deal with fraud. The fraud specialist will determine whether the order is in fact fraudulent or it is a good order that needs to be processed. This is obviously an expensive task and as we optimize the fraud subsystem stage, we can minimize the number of orders for manual review.

How the Mobile Revolution is Changing Retail


d71557133c370648872fb6755022ad5f How the Mobile Revolution is Changing Retail

Infographic – The Value of Retail-Integrated eCommerce


2012 retailer study if Infographic   The Value of Retail Integrated eCommerce

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How Retail-Integrated eCommerce Help Brands


Retail-integrated eCommerce help brands to use online sales and grow in-store sales as well. This is a great benefit for branded manufacturers that are already selling on-line.

This annual survey of retailers conducted by Shopatron measures the effectiveness of retail-integrated eCommerce in helping both brands and their retail partners.

In March 2012, Shopatron again queried over 6,500 active retail partners and asked them to share their thoughts and findings for this retailer study. Over 1,300 retailers responded, offering their opinions and information on topics. Read more

B2C E-Commerce continues to grow in the USA


ecommerce solutions 300x180 B2C E Commerce continues to grow in the USAIn its latest “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012”, Hamburg-based market research firm yStats.com analyzes the latest trends in the US B2C E-Commerce market. Aside from revenue figures and market shares, the report covers the most successful product categories. It also provides information about internet users and online shoppers along with a list of top players.

The yStats.com report features the ten most successful US competitors with the largest B2C E-Commerce revenues. In addition to country of origin, head office, type of company and product range, company news and B2C E-Commerce revenue figures are listed. The “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012” also provides information about digital content such as e-books and music, along with legal aspects of the B2C E-Commerce sector. Read more