Forrester Predicts US Ecommerce to Reach $370 billion by 2017


india ecommerce Forrester Predicts US Ecommerce to Reach $370 billion by 2017Driven by an unprecedented growth in smartphones and tablets, US ecommerce sales is set to reach $370 billion by the end of 2017, predicts Forrester.

In the newly released report titled – ‘US Online Retail Forecast 2012-2017’, Forrester indicates that mobile will play a critical role in the prevailing ecommerce boom in US.

“Mobile’s effect is largely to influence sales in other channels. Conversions are small and likely will be small for most sites into the foreseeable future, says Sucharita Mulpuru, a principal analyst at Forrester Research.

150894 240x300 Ecommerce made it to $1 Trillion Club; Asia Pacific to Emerge as the LeaderEcommerce sales surpassed $1 trillion in 2012 for the first time in its history. According to e-Marketer, who released a report on the ecommerce sales in 2012, attributed this to the growth of ecommerce in North America and Asia-Pacific. North America’s ecommerce sales reached at $365 billion, 13.9% Year-on-Year (YoY) change and Asia-Pacific’s sales has grown a phenomenal 33% to reach $332 billion.

eMarketer predicts that the Asia-Pacific region will continue its surge and will reach $433 billion in 2013(40% growth), surpassing North America while the latter’s(North America) ecommerce sales will see a meager growth of 12.2% to reach $409 billion. Read more

China vs. the West: Who’s the Biggest Fish in E-Commerce?


ecommerce china China vs. the West: Whos the Biggest Fish in E Commerce?It’s no secret that China is huge, but have you ever stopped to consider just how huge? And what does the country’s exponentially expanding population mean for e-commerce?

According to an April 2012 report by The Boston Consulting Group, China is expected to account for almost 10 percent of all online retail sales by 2015, when it will become the largest online retail market in the world. In addition, the China Internet Information Center, a web portal authorized by the People’s Republic of China, reports that online sales in China will reach $420 billion by 2015.

To break it down, in just three years from now, the world’s most populous country will reach an Internet population of more than 700 million, which will nearly double the combined Internet population of Japan and the U.S. Read more

Infographic: 5 Major Ecommerce Trends in the US


This  post was originally appeared in Volusion

Volusion Infographic Infographic: 5 Major Ecommerce Trends in the US

US E-Commerce Brands Continue Successful European Push


ecommerce web development US E Commerce Brands Continue Successful European PushEcommerce is a burgeoning global industry on a very impressive scale, and it doesn’t appear to be experiencing any slowing due to the economic recession. With Internet Retailer releasing its “2012 Top 400 Europe” publication, it’s clear to see the international nature of the industry. The landscape of the EU industry in particular and US e-retailers place in it is remarkable in two main ways. First, the number of successful companies making gains is impressive as 33 US companies ranked in the list of the top 400 retailers operating in the European market. More notable, however, is that US companies had collective sales of €20.2 billion ($26.1 billion) in 2011 growing from €15.9 billion ($20.6 billion) in 2010.

This is significant growth especially when considering they beat the growth experienced by European e-retailers in their own market. US companies accounted for 25% of 2011 sales for the Top 400 online retailers in Europe, up from 23.4% a year earlier. This suggests US companies are gaining more than just a foothold; they are thriving and not turning back, trying to gain as much market share as possible going forward. Read more

B2C E-Commerce continues to grow in the USA


ecommerce solutions 300x180 B2C E Commerce continues to grow in the USAIn its latest “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012”, Hamburg-based market research firm analyzes the latest trends in the US B2C E-Commerce market. Aside from revenue figures and market shares, the report covers the most successful product categories. It also provides information about internet users and online shoppers along with a list of top players.

The report features the ten most successful US competitors with the largest B2C E-Commerce revenues. In addition to country of origin, head office, type of company and product range, company news and B2C E-Commerce revenue figures are listed. The “USA B2C E-Commerce Report 2012” also provides information about digital content such as e-books and music, along with legal aspects of the B2C E-Commerce sector. Read more